Participation fee:

The participant, after saving the selection stage, must pay a participation fee of

– 1500 som (for Kyrgyz Republic citizens)

– 50$ (for foreign citizens).

Предупреждающий знак Бесплатные Иконки What to bring to camp:


  • copy of passport.

Personal care or medication:

  • soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • wet and dry wipes, hygiene products;
  • towel and hairbrush;
  • if you have specific or chronic diseases that require medication, be sure to take necessary supply of medications with you;
  • protection against insect bites,
  • sun protection products.


  • trousers, shorts, long-sleeved shirt, t-shirts, waterproof jacket or rain coat, underwear, several interchangeable pairs of socks, a hat (cap, hat, cap), household gloves;
  • casual shoes, suitable for the season and comfortable (sneakers, etc.), hiking boots for the mountains.


  • Plate, cup, spoon, fork.


  • a flashlight with a set of batteries, bed linen, a sleeping mat (travel mat), a blanket, an umbrella, sunglasses, a notebook and a pen, a mobile phone and other devices with chargers.

Food products, which you can take with you:

  • Cookies, crackers, gingerbreads, caramel, chocolate, chewy, lollipops and other sweets.

крестик на черном фоне круга Бесплатные Иконки Objects that are strictly forbidden to bring to territory of Camp

  1. Alcohol, cigarettes over 5 packs. Smoking in camp is allowed only in certain areas.
  2. Strings, hair dryers.
  3. Medical preparations, chemicals prohibited from circulation on territory ofKyrgyz Republic, treatment of which requires special training, uncontrolled access to which is dangerous for minors, etc. If certain medical preparations are necessary for the child, they should be informed of their availability in the prescribed manner and transferred for storage in proper conditions and use under the supervision of medical professionals. The administration of the Camp does not carry responsibility for the condition and use of drugs brought by the child with them for their transportation.
  4. All types of weapons (cold and firearms), explosives and other dangerous substances, as well as items containing such substances
  5. Other life-threatening objects and substances and health requiring special storage conditions.
  6. Electronic devices, photo and video equipment are under personal responsibility.
  7. It is not recommended to bring expensive jewelry.

All specified items will be discarded by camp and base staff.

Participant will drop out without the right to be credited in the future for any of the following violations:

  1. storage and/or use of narcotic substances;
  2. storage and/or use of alcohol and tobacco;
  3. storage of weapons (including cold ones), explosives;
  4. infliction of intentional harm to the health of others;
  5. malicious intentional damage to someone else’s property

General rules for participants.

  1. It is necessary to respect regime of camp day, general sanitary and hygienic norms.
  2. Everyone is obliged to follow all rules established in the camp, including fire safety regulations, rules for excursions, hikes, etc.
  3. Exit outside the camp is allowed only with the permission of the Organizer and only accompanied by a counselor.
  4. Each camp participant must take care of the greenery on the campus, keep it clean.
  5. You can not eat unfamiliar berries, fruits.
  6. In case of deterioration of health, it is necessary to inform the counselor.
  7. It is necessary to follow the rules of behavior in public places – words, actions and behavior should not interfere with others, do not insult their aesthetic feeling.
  8. In the camp it is forbidden to drink alcohol, including beer.
  9. Smoking is allowed only in specially designated areas.
  10. It is necessary to take care of personal property and property of the camp.
  11. Conscientious attitude to classes, implementation of established training requirements.
  12. Correct behavior, courteous attitude to other Forum Participants and Forum and Base staff.

Предупреждающий знак Бесплатные Иконки Fire safety regulations. 
It is forbidden to make a fire in  camp and on a territory of camp, except the kitchen area.. 
Flammable items should be deposited with the team leader. 
It is not allowed to touch sagging, sticking wires. The presence of such wires should be reported to team leader

Предупреждающий знак Бесплатные Иконки Behavioral rules during public events. 
During conduction of mass events, participant should be with team. 

During conduction of mass events outdoors in sunny weather the presence of a headdress is mandatory. 
You should follow the rules of etiquette in public places (do not make noise, do not push, do not whistle, do not stomp your feet)

Предупреждающий знак Бесплатные Иконки Behavioral rules during  walking tours (excursions, hikes). 
Walking excursions are allowed to participants in appropriate form of clothing: closed comfortable shoes, a hat, if necessary, long trousers and shirts (jackets) with long sleeves.
The senior during the tour (hike) is the guide. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the guide, as well as accompanying team leaders.
During a walk, excursion, hike should be with a group, do not scatter. It is not allowed to depart from the route (paths, paths), approach the electrical wires, not fenced edges of ravines, gorges, cliffs.
It is necessary to inform the counselor about the deterioration of health or injury.
It should be respectful of local traditions and customs, take care of nature, historical and cultural monuments.
Photographing is allowed in specially designated areas with a general detachment of the detachment by permission of the guide.
At the end of the excursion (walk, hike) to gather at the specified place and after the announcement of the end of the excursion follow the instructions of your guide

Предупреждающий знак Бесплатные Иконки In case of violation of rules and non-compliance with the conditions, a special mark will be made in the Participant badge. Upon receipt of 3 marks, the Participant is dismissed from the Forum without covering transportation costs, and without the right to return the fee.